About Us

The Company

S.P.F. Trading & Suppliers Ltd is one of the leading manufacturing companies based in Limassol. Our activities have been started before 40 years. During all of those years, we specialize in manufacturing of our own extensive range of high quality professional cleaning products and distribution of supplementary and industrial hygiene materials, providing consistent support to our customers and business partners at affordable and competitive prices.

The main production segment is detergents, bleach, dishwashing liquids, floor cleaners, disinfectants, fabric softeners, hand soaps, air-fresheners, car cleaning products, industrial cleaning products and many others.

After many years of improvement and efforts, our company has build up a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier of quality products and services.

The Staff

The long experience of the staff ensures the smooth operation of the factory and the excellent quality of the products. So we offer excellent products with confidence, responsibility and above all, care for you!


For any information or complaints, please contact us. All products of S.P.F. Trading & Suppliers Ltd are internationally recognized and certified as environmentally friendly, after a detailed examination of the course of production.